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Welcome to May 10th - the Fifth Sunday of Easter! Today's craft is a colourful door-hanger which will help remind you to take time for Jesus and that He always has time for you. Click below to watch the video and on the button to download the template.

This weeks craft is based on Psalm 23 and is a lovely sheep for you to make.

Download and print the template 


You will also need




and 2 Clothes pegs

Child Safeguarding Policy

safeguarding trust logo.png

Should you have a concern,
suspicion or
regarding child welfare in the area of ministry to children in this
parish please contact a member of the parish Safeguarding Trust Panel listed below:

Canon David Mungavin 287 4077

Karen Crean 087 983 5266

Janet Caffrey 087 657 4128

Vivienne Adams 087 242 4536

The Rector and Select Vestry are committed to upholding good
practice in our ministry with
children and young people.

A message from Alex

May 10th! This week Alex tells us about one of her favourite passages from the Bible

This week our story from the Bible is all about lambs and the love that Jesus has for each one of us!

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