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St Patrick’s Junior Cert '22 Results’ Night.

I hereby consent to my child attending the St Patrick’s Junior Cert’s results night and by purchasing this ticket for my child I make the following commitments and agree to all points as listed below.


I have also confirmed and discussed all points listed below with my child so they are fully aware of their expected behaviour at the event.

If I have booked for other children I have included the correct contact details for the other parents and have ensured they have read this document and they are also aware of their obligations.

▪ I know that this event must by Law be alcohol and drug free, and I agree that those who organise

and supervise this event may take all reasonable steps including CCTV use and random

bag-searches to ensure that it is drug and Alcohol free.


▪ I will instruct my child and I will exercise appropriate control to ensure that he or she will not

consume any alcohol ahead of, on the way to, or while attending your event.


▪ I will be personally involved in organising the travel arrangements for my child going to and returning home from the event and I will be present when he/she returns home.


▪ I accept that, as organisers and supervisors of the event, you may at any time and at your absolute

discretion, cancel any ticket sold, or refuse admission on the night and that you may ask any child

to leave the event and not to come again.


▪ I confirm that I will be contactable by mobile phone while my child is travelling to and from your

event, and while he or she is attending your event and I agree that I will collect my child promptly

from your venue, if requested to do so by phone or text.


▪ I agree that there is no safe or acceptable level of drug use by any person under the age of 18

years. I am aware that drug use is a criminal offence. I acknowledge that if my child is found using

or in possession of any drug, I will be required to accompany my child to the Garda Station for

interview and to any Court hearing which may follow.


▪ I agree that my child and I both understand that no form of physical/verbal violence will be tolerated and if this is witnessed my child will be removed from the disco and I will be contacted by the organisers. The gardai may also be contacted if deemed necessary.


▪ I have informed my child that if they are bullied, assaulted or made to feel uncomfortable in any way they should inform security staff immediately.


▪ I have informed my child that they should behave appropriately at all times – no pushing, shoving,

throwing objects/water, jumping on people, no smoking in bathrooms, no damaging of any

equipment at the venue.


▪ I have informed my child that they should listen to the security staff and stewards.


▪ I have informed my child that should they wish to leave early to contact a member of security staff

or stewards who will ensure that I am contacted as quickly as possible to collect my child. Please

note they are not allowed to leave the venue early without a parent/guardian.


▪ By following the guidelines and rules listed above we are ensuring a safe and fun environment for

all attendees.


I hereby consent to the event organizers collecting, storing and, in the future, destroying my personal data and my child’s personal data collected through CCTV images and collected in relation to the health or behaviour of my child during their period on the premises as may be necessary. I understand that data may be both in paper and electronic format.

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