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Our Ethos





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The Christian Community which worships in St. Patrick’s Church is part of the Church of Ireland.
It is the aim of the parish to encourage and nurture all age groups within its life and worship, and to enable and equip its members to go out into the community as witnesses for Christ and His Gospel.


St Patrick’s parish and the Church of Ireland try to be an open and welcoming community. We value those of other faiths and none who have become a part of the community.
We do not want to appear like clones to the world ! We value what makes people unique , we celebrate different perspectives, a questioning and inquisitive approach , the doubts that often accompany faith but we are also a community whose foundation is the Christian way made known to us through the Gospels, scripture, tradition, reason and revelation.

We do not want to define our ethos in terms that may appear hard and fast or exclusive ; the Christian spirit is non judgemental , inclusive, welcoming. At the same time we do not want to be so open as to appear indifferent or vague about what our ethos is ; “all things to all people”. We have to steer an even path that upholds the faith in our community and encourages development in the faith ; that the faith journey is supported and encouraged but never imposed.
It is important that the parish does not inadvertently give the impression that we are indifferent about what makes for a good faith community ; that we are seen to encourage and accompany those who journey with us. It is important that our parish continues to be nurtured and nourished from the roots of the past as it branches out and reaches for all the future holds.

We believe that worship is the powerhouse from which flows all else in the life of the parish. Our doors are always open, in welcome, to those who wish to join with us in that worship, or who desire to share the fellowship of our parish community.